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Welcome To Beautiful Butterflies.
The Really Big Butterfly Coloring Book  
"The Really Big Butterfly Coloring Book"
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Is now available! It is a very special, large-format (nearly 18" wide x 24" tall) coloring book for all ages to enjoy. Includes 20 pages of coloring pictures based on over 100 real life butterfly and moth photographs. Each coloring page has accompanying text providing interesting facts about each of the species shown. The book also contains bonus educational and activity pages that will help children to learn about and enjoy the wonderful world of butterflies.

Featuring photography, artwork, graphic design and informative text by Paul Chesterfield, Nigel Venters and Linda Rogers of The Butterfly Boutique.

Really Big Coloring Books are the perfect fund-raiser for civic, school, business and education groups. Really Big Coloring Books sell themselves! Each book is printed on high quality white paper, perforated for easy display. The colorful cover is printed on card stock which may be hung as a poster.

Tested by kids, offers hours of coloring fun!

Really Big Coloring Books are teaching/learning tools, tell a story, and promote quality reading time for children, and their families and friends.

Table of Contents:
Learn about Butterflies
The Anatomy of a Butterfly
The Butterfly Lifecycle
Larvae or Caterpillars
Pupae or Chrysalises
Beautiful Butterflies and Moths
Blues. Coppers & Hairstreaks
Monarchs & Queens
Humming Bird Moths
Whites & Sulphur's
Silk Moths
Small Brushfoots
Large Brushfoots
My Beautiful Creature
Grow Your Own Beautiful
A World of Beautiful Butterflies
(World Map)
Butterfly & Moth Coloring Guide

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