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Rick Mikula's Fandex Guide to 50 Butterflies only $11.00

Rick Mikula's Fandex Guide to 50 Butterflies only $10.00


BUTTERFLY FANDEX BOOK: A field guide to butterflies of the world.
Butterflu Fandex Book

A favorite subject of kids, nature lovers, scientists, and collectors, Butterflies takes full advantage of Fandex's unique full-color die-cut format to celebrate 50 butterfly species, from the enormous Queen Alexandra Birdwing its 11-inch wingspan, to the Blue Morpho whose stunning metallic-blue color is caused be tiny prisms in its wings . Each entry includes the Latin name, rang, plants used for laying eggs and drinking nectar, migration and mating habits, and how to recognize the species in its caterpillar, pupa, and adult stages. Includes 50 die-cut cards.

Fandex is perfect for backpack, traveling, or coffee table conversation. Great educational value and makes a great gift for kids and families.

Price: $11.00

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Butterfly Book
All proceeds from our Butterfly Program go directly to Animals 2 by 2 Zoo. A non-profit, tax exempt, state and federally licensed wildlife and animal sanctuary in operation since 1980. The survival of the sanctuary depends mostly on the hard work of Krys Moquin and volunteers who keep the "Ark" afloat. Based near Silt, Colorado, the foundation has been instrumental in rehabilitating injured wildlife and releasing them back into the wild whenever possible. Visit us at www.animals2by2.org

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